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The best decks are freestanding, but that's tricky
Decks, porches, and patios can be important living spaces, creating an appealing transition between indoors and outdoors. Because they are exposed to the weather, decks and porches will not be as durable as the rest of the house unless weather-resistant materials and installation techniques are used. Perhaps most important, special attention must be paid to how decks and porches attach to the rest of the house.

About Decks And Porches

Think about durability, strength, and future remodeling
Key factors to consider:
The right materials can significantly extend service life, making higher initial costs worthwhile. Decks in particular suffer grueling conditions. The number of specialized building products, especially for exterior decking, has increased dramatically in recent years, reducing maintenance requirements without sacrificing durability.
Structural integrity. 
In-ground concrete piers and wood framing, not full-depth foundations, typically support exterior decks and porches. Framing materials, connectors, and fasteners that can handle outdoor conditions are vital. Of particular importance is the connection between deck and house, an area susceptible to decay and responsible for heavy structural loads.

About Decking

The choice depends on sustainability, cost, and appearance
Decking should be durable. If wood decking is used, the boards should come from trees that were sustainably logged. A wide variety of materials can be used as decking.

Pressure-treated softwood remains the most economical choice for exterior decking, but the development of the first wood-plastic composite by Trex in the mid-1980s cleared the way for the wide variety of synthetic decking that has since entered the market.

Other choices include all-plastic and aluminum decking as well as several hardwood and softwood species well suited for use outdoors. In all, consumers have an extremely wide selection, many of them with environmental advantages over the pressure-treated standard.

The Best Decks Have No Ledgers

Ledgers are the most vulnerable part of a deck, and they should be avoided entirely if possible. A free-standing deck with an independent foundation will last longer and cause fewer problems than a deck that is attached to the house with a ledger. 

A ledger can easily become the cause of serious decay when it traps water against the house. If used, a ledger must be be strong and installed with details that shed water away from the house. This is important for ground-level decks, but critical for decks above ground.
lindsay tapp contract drafting pty ltd swiming pool and entertaining area

Swimming Pool & Entertainment Area, Warners Bay

Tips On Planning For A New Pool

1. Create a wish list. 
You may have been dreaming of a swimming pool for years, and you may think you know exactly what you want. But it pays to read up on the latest technology and gather ideas. Once you’ve done a little homework, give us a call and we can work thru your design. 
2. Decide what kind of pool shape you prefer.
Swimming pool design is critical to both the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve and what you can actually do in the swimming pool. Rectangular designs are perfect for people wanting a classic, timeless look. They’re also great for games and swimming laps. Kidney and free-form swimming pools can blend with the surrounding vegetation and appear more natural. They also lend themselves to waterfalls. 
3. Know how you want to use your pool. 
Stop and think about why you’re installing a swimming pool. Is it for your kids? For entertaining? Is it an investment? Do you want it to make a dramatic architectural statement? Or is a relaxing retreat for you and your spouse? Answering these questions will help tell you what kind of swimming pool you want. A swimming pool for kids might include a slide and a wading area. It probably doesn’t need high-end glass tile finishing or a vanishing edge. But if you want something that is as visually appealing as it is enjoyable to use, you might consider a built-in water feature, more expensive coping, and a negative edge. 
4. Plan your first pool party! 
Don’t forget to throw a big bash to celebrate your new swimming pool. Get the burgers on the grill, invite the kids’ friends (and a few of your own) over, and break in your swimming pool in style.

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